Khan Himalayan Salt Products

Purest salt on earth
Soft, warm glow when lit
Therapeutic properties

Himalayan salt glows with soft, warm light that can be left on day and night. When heated, Himalayan Pink Salt emits negative ions that combat unhealthful positive ions in your home generated by electronic appliances such as your television, computer, etc. These negative ions help relieve allergy symptoms and other respiratory maladies by cleansing the air in your environment. Considered the most pollutant free form of salt on the earth, Himalayan salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements. Found at locations so high there is no pollution or environmentally compromised material in the air, Himalayan salt, it is said, approximates primal oceanic elements our bodies were exposed to during the earliest stages of man’s evolution, which is why it has so many healing properties when negative ions are disbursed from its crystals. To add to its mystique, authentic salt crystals come from the deepest mines on earth located under the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range. Crystals are hand-harvested from mineral deposits on salt salt cave floors that have been dated by geologists to the Precambrian Age.


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